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Hey y’all! It’s been a while, hasn’t it…

Just wanted to let you know that UCLA Circle K recently submitted a video for Circle K International’s Commercial Contest, and we’re now among the finalists! The grand prize is $500, and of course, we can’t do this without YOU! We need YOUR help to "LIKE" this video. We promise it’s a cute and fun commercial - Your time won’t go to waste! :)

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Thanks everyone! ♥

(Pictures from L-R: Executive Board 2011-2012 — Neil Yonzon, Linzy Bingcang, Gerardo Del Toro, Edwin Tang, David Limjoco)
Are YOU going to this week’s General Meeting?
Well, you should! Why? Because it’s ELECTION TIME! Take advantage of your rights as a DUES-PAID MEMBER and come to this very important meeting because this is when you will listen to speeches and vote for who YOU think is most fit for the following positions:
- President (currently Neil Yonzon) - Administrative Vice President (Currently Linzy Bingcang) - Service Vice President (currently Gerardo Del Toro) - Secretary (currently David Limjoco) - Treasurer (currently Edwin Tang)
Because our club has grown so much over the course of this year, we need at least 125 people at the meeting on Thursday. This is when it matters most!
Be sure to be at Kinsey Pavilion 1220B on Thursday, February 9 at 6:30pm sharp, so you don’t miss anything! See you then, and stay tuned for a post soon after elections to see who’s elected for what position!

***UCLA BRUINS*** The Circle K club and A3M  will be hosting a marrow registration drive in during their  general  meeting Thursday, February 2, 6:30pm to 8:30pm Kinsey Pavilion  1220B.  All students and members of the community are invited to join  and  register. No pain, no needles! Takes only 10 minutes. Please come  out  and swab for Janet!

Please come out to our meeting and register! You could potentially save a life. 
 Also, “like” the Facebook page and go to her website at http://www.helpingjanet.com/ to learn more about her and her fight to overcome leukemia.
Hey all!
We’ve put together a graphic flyer for you to share with all your friends, including all the performers we have attending, including UCLA Wushu, YOUTHphonics, Native June, LA Street Dance Collective, Spring Sing 2011 winner Courtney Randall, and YouTube Star Gerald Ko (singindork888)!
Don’t forget! Register on http://www.circlekpillowfight.org while you can!
Spread the love, and REBLOG REBLOG REBLOG! ♥ Thanks!
OOPS! Typo~!

In regards to the previous post about Pillow Fight 2012, we had typed “Thank you to Steven Le of SFHS from D4W for the awesome design! :)

There was a slight misunderstanding because Steven Le is actually from SFHS KIWIN’s Jet Division! Sorry about that, S.Le!

If you’ve reblogged this post, please edit with this correction please! Thank you :)

Thank you to Steven Le of SFHS KIWIN’s Jet Division for the awesome design! :)
Have a friend you’d love to hit with a pillow? Here’s your chance to do so! 
Come participate at UCLA Circle K’s annual fundraiser Pillow Fight 2012 to raise money for Alexandria House, a transitional housing for women and children, from 2pm-5pm at UCLA Ackerman Grand Ballroom. The event will be jam-packed will live performances, music, and of course, pillow fights! 
Pillow fights
Live performances
Photo booth
Snacks and refreshments
On-site service project
Please register online or on-site. All proceeds will go to Alexandria House. 
Early Online Registration — $12 (Closes on Tuesday, Dec. 27 @ 11:59!)
On-Site Registration — $15
To register online, CLICK HERE~! All registration information will be found at this link, along with other information regarding the event.
*Only Participants who register online and donate $12 by Tuesday, Dec. 27 at 11:59pm are guaranteed to receive a free t-shirt.*
Tami Bi (Pillow Fight Chair): bi.tami89@gmail.com
Neil Yonzon (UCLA Circle K President): uclackipresident@gmail.com
*** Spread the word, invite all your friends, and please reblog! We need your help~! ***
NEW MEMBERS - Have you paid your dues?

If you have, come on by to the Buenos Aires room in the Sunset Recreation Center for Cafe Jurassique and New Member Induction Ceremony!

For comments, questions, and concerns, please reply to this blog post and/or check out our website http://uclacki.org!



1) Dedication: You’ve been dedicated to a Kiwanis Sponsored organization for many years already and there’s a reason for that, why not try out the next branch for a little before you dismiss it?

2) More opportunities to actually meet people from all over: More district events + more inter-clubbing (going to other clubs events) = More opportunities to meet and see people again to form lasting friendships.

3) You can purple!: No seriously. Long gone are the rules of guys in girls rooms and girls in guys rooms. Oh and there’s no more curfew so stay out as long as you want. Freedom is amazing.

4) See Old Faces: Remember those friends you met at DCON or Fall Rally? Come join CKI and have them join too! even if you go to different schools you can see them again and have fun!

5) Make Connections: Connect with not only CKIers but Kiwanians and other members of the Kiwanis Family again. Form connections that could in the future land you an internship or maybe even a job. 

6) Spirit: Through what other organization can you lose your voice and be sore at the same time? Long gone are the days when we repeat “We got spirit” and “How do you feel” over and over, cheers have gotten more creative. Spirit’s had an overhaul in college and it’s waiting for you to join in!

6) Find a home away from home: Your not just joining a club, your joining a family, find some of the most caring people you’ll ever meet. In college it may be hard to find familiarity and you might get lost along the way. No matter what CKI is waiting with open arms to greet you and make you feel better. There will always be someone there for you. No pain/pledging necessary.

7) Explore: Discover your community around you! Go out through CKI to do service, eat at different parts of the community. Find out what’s special about the city your in for college. Don’t be stuck in the bubble of your dorm and campus!

8) Serve: Lastly but most importantly serve your community. Fall back in love with service, selfless service. Find out what service without the ulterior motive of college apps is like. It’s refreshing to serve again.

Notice how I said “try”? Try CKI for a quarter/semester maybe you’ll end up loving it and maybe you won’t try it for a little! if not there’s no harm!

Now here’s my challenge for you: Don’t just go out to a meeting or two, at least go out to a few service projects, a few socials, a district event or two, and at the very least make a friend. Don’t just try CKI, Get to know CKI. Like anything in life you only get what you put into it. So take that effort and get to know CKI, Trust me you won’t regret it. ;D

AND Come out to UCLA CKI’s First General Meeting tonight (9/29/11) at 6pm in Moore 100.

Here are some wise words from our 2011-2012 Secretary, David Limjoco :)

Thursday, September 29. 6:00pm. Moore 100.
You better not have plans… But if you do, it better be UCLA Circle K’s First General Meeting! Come early with a smile, and expect to have plenty of fun! You will certainly not be disappointed! :) There’s also a Meet & Greet with everyone and the board members after the meeting, along with some food, so stick around!
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