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Have a friend you’d love to hit with a pillow? Here’s your chance to do so! 
Come participate at UCLA Circle K’s annual fundraiser Pillow Fight 2012 to raise money for Alexandria House, a transitional housing for women and children, from 2pm-5pm at UCLA Ackerman Grand Ballroom. The event will be jam-packed will live performances, music, and of course, pillow fights! 
Pillow fights
Live performances
Photo booth
Snacks and refreshments
On-site service project
Please register online or on-site. All proceeds will go to Alexandria House. 
Early Online Registration — $12 (Closes on Tuesday, Dec. 27 @ 11:59!)
On-Site Registration — $15
To register online, CLICK HERE~! All registration information will be found at this link, along with other information regarding the event.
*Only Participants who register online and donate $12 by Tuesday, Dec. 27 at 11:59pm are guaranteed to receive a free t-shirt.*
Tami Bi (Pillow Fight Chair):
Neil Yonzon (UCLA Circle K President):
*** Spread the word, invite all your friends, and please reblog! We need your help~! ***
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