(Pictures from L-R: Executive Board 2011-2012 — Neil Yonzon, Linzy Bingcang, Gerardo Del Toro, Edwin Tang, David Limjoco)
Are YOU going to this week’s General Meeting?
Well, you should! Why? Because it’s ELECTION TIME! Take advantage of your rights as a DUES-PAID MEMBER and come to this very important meeting because this is when you will listen to speeches and vote for who YOU think is most fit for the following positions:
- President (currently Neil Yonzon) - Administrative Vice President (Currently Linzy Bingcang) - Service Vice President (currently Gerardo Del Toro) - Secretary (currently David Limjoco) - Treasurer (currently Edwin Tang)
Because our club has grown so much over the course of this year, we need at least 125 people at the meeting on Thursday. This is when it matters most!
Be sure to be at Kinsey Pavilion 1220B on Thursday, February 9 at 6:30pm sharp, so you don’t miss anything! See you then, and stay tuned for a post soon after elections to see who’s elected for what position!
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